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  1. 3rd Eye.

    3rd Eye. Villager

    kunywa maji mingi
  2. Purple

    Purple Village Elder

    Is your face rough juu ya pimples or it just feels rough to touch?
    Do you have ingrown hairs and razor bumps?
    From your description, naona you have a layer or layers of dead skin.
    You need to exfoliate. Chukua 2 Tbsp of honey, mix with 2Tbsp of sugar and a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice. Mix them together then apply on your face in gentle circular motions. Afterwards rinse your face with warm water. For a daily moisturizer, use cocoa butter lotion. Do this a couple of times utapenda. This face scrub is the truth!

    Lemon tightens pores and evens out the skin tone, sugar removes dead skin cells and cleans pores, olive oil heals acne scaring, and honey prevents future breakouts.
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  3. epoch

    epoch Village Elder

    Did you really get this PH thing! mimi nimekwamia hapo kwa cider.
    Ona tu daktari wa skin.
  4. epoch

    epoch Village Elder

    Helpful. Hio mixing ndo shida. Do we have a ready made product, we just buy and ready to go?
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  5. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    ni rough kuliko mguu ya @pamba?
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  6. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    ai, mwanaume afanye haya yote? ndigehota!!!
  7. inzhener otmetka

    inzhener otmetka Village Elder

    Give Arimis a try!
    I understand ladies can swear to it's efficacy!
  8. Useless Spectator

    Useless Spectator Village Elder

    I agree. Palmers cocoa butter will work wonders, smells good too
  9. Useless Spectator

    Useless Spectator Village Elder

    You are serious about cocoa butter? Because it is very feminine sent.
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  10. Budspencer

    Budspencer Village Elder

    Na hii mafuta iko trusted sana. Juzi with mama na watoto relaxing mahali, mama akaita watoto and complained vile walikua wameparara. Threw a glance at the handbag expecting her to chomoa a lotion. Ghafla bin vu nikaona Arimis 50g imechomolewa. I smiled as i sipped my Balozi
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  11. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    you are lucky to have a wife who stocks up on Arimis for you. She knows you'll need it when she's away. ;)
  12. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    hujasikia inabebeagwa kwa kibeti? comprehension nini?:D
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  13. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    niko sure Budspencer huchomoa to lubricate the nduthi
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  14. Budspencer

    Budspencer Village Elder

    Multipurpose i tell you!
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  15. Joel

    Joel Village Elder

    Exfoliate(not daily) and then moisturize your skin. Drink enough water too.
  16. realest ninja

    realest ninja Villager

  17. Mankind

    Mankind Village Elder

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  18. Clyde 007

    Clyde 007 Senior Villager

    u may also prepare a paste of honey and cinnamon then apply kwa face mostly b4 bed time, sleep with it alafu morning rinse with warm water, it will work on your case but be consistent and patient, give or take after around 2 weeks hivi ull b flawless and smooth.
  19. conoiseur

    conoiseur Village Elder

    Kunywa maji boss.
  20. StanBenj

    StanBenj Senior Villager

    I had a similar problem and my way was to stop using lotion completely . Niliona hiyo ndio shida for me , natumia good soaps , mainly dettol the original and dettol even tone or dove soap since it like moisturises your skin leaving it nourished and clean and pores open , so i don't use any lotion . So try using the said soaps twice a day on your face morning and evening and try and see how you fair on for a week .