Pins and passwords


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How many passwords and pins do you have /use?

So yesterday night i was in my bed thinking about sending someone some money. Then i just thought about the passwords and pins and wondered how many i have and use and none are the same!!
  • 2 phones two to log in. then Mpesa pin and Airtel money pin
  • 2 laptops with power on and log in passwords
  • 4 company email addresses with different passwords
  • 4 personal email addresses with different passwords
  • 3 email addresses for downloading and installing things when i don't want to use personal emails.
  • social sites; Facebook, ktalk, uber, amazon, olx...
  • 5 bank accounts and pins
  • safe pins
  • etc
List is not yet done. But i was shocked at the number of accounts, pins and passwords i have.

How many do you have and how many do you use?
Same case here but i make them same or combine 2 of two accounts into one password for use in multiple accounts...but all the same ni tedious coz kutumia password moja kwa zote pia ni ngori


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Question you should ask. When was the last time you changed your password?
I have many, but change them using a specific format.
For non sensitive sites, i change when needed. for other sensitive sites, i change every six months latest or when need be.
No simpin
No phone pin or pswd
Mpesa pin (shared with my siz)
Equity pin (not shared at all)
No laptop pswd
All my 4+ email addresses share pswd.
Any other social media bullshit i use a common pswd


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I have almost 15 pins and passes. All memorised because I have a formula that I use to calculate each.
ECitizen, google, Outlook, mpesa, 2 lines, equity, chase, cba, telegram, phone password, alibaba, AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, 3 laptop passes and 2 of them ziko na different passes and several subaru fora... Alafu najua account number ya tokens.
Sina fb and twitter so I don't need those.
And of course, 2 pseudo emails that I use when I don't want personal info to leak.