Place to stay in Nyeri


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Wadau niko na shughuli hii weekend in Nyeri na ni short notice. Can you suggest a nice place to stay na sitaumia mfuko.
Edit: tafadhali semeni prices nataka kujipanga.
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Kuna mahali panaitwa "KuniVille Guest House" it is very clean, spacious parking, quiet etc. Bei ni 5K. You can find it kwa Google Maps etc.


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In future if you are driving, don't sleep in major towns. Like in Nyeri try, Othaya, karatina or Mweiga you get the same amenities for quarter of the price. Even IKeus is cheaper. I once had a week of shughuli in bomet and kericho. I decided to stay in Sotik, best decision (travel wise ever) !
Oh, good tip. I'll try it next time I travel...bora amenities zikuwe swafi na place iwe secure,,,I wouldn't mind saving a few coins on accommodation.