Point noted- Why we are always aganist raila presidency

I don't know about PLO house been attacked, but Matsanga makes a valid point.
Why is it that ODM supporters were the ones hurling insults at IEBC or Jubilee lawyers, while Jubilee supporters did not?
I was looking at Twitter and hardly 5 seconds would pass before PLO, Muite and Ahmednasir is insulted. Even the soft spoken Ngatia for f*ck sake.
The same was not done to Raila lawyers.
What does this say about the habits of ODM supporters (read jaluo)?
Any person with half a brain would know that the PLO's address to the Supreme Court, by itself, cannot cause the dismissal of the Petition.

I dare say that there is nothing that PLO said that prejudiced the Petition. It was hot air and nothing more.