politics a very dirty game,,,

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Senior Villager
Not long ago, Raila
Odinga’s son, Fidel, got the shock of his life when some
rowdy youths heckled him during his visit to Kisumu
They claimed that he is a stranger in the area and his
visit was suspicious.
Fidel was forced to scamper for safety as irate youths
threatened to stone him and burn his car.
And now, sources from the lakeside city indicate that
Kisumu Central MP, Ken Obura, sponsored the rowdy
youths to frustrate Fidel.
Apparently, Fidel wants to contest in the Kisumu Central
seat come 2017 and the sitting MP, Ken Obura, is doing
everything to frustrate him.
Suprisingly, he paid the rowdy youths a mere 70 shillings
each to cause chaos and frustrate the Former Prime
Minister’s son.
Most of the youths in the area are unemployed and
depend on hand-outs to survive.
Ken Obura has mastered the art of misusing them and he
is doing so to frustrate his political opponents.
That tells you why Kisumu is lagging behind in
development as political leaders in the area are obsessed
with power to a point of forgetting to improve the lives
of residents.
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