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politics, politics, politics

I was with a group of AP Officers, 4 to be precise, and for about 3o minutes, those guys were in a heated debate over who is better between Raila and Uhuru, who is better between Chebukati and Maraga, I can say without fear of contradiction that they were 3 Luhyias, and one Luo....the argument became so heated i was fearing they might engage in "exchange of bullets" the Luhyias would turn in to "light" , disagree, then turn back to swahili....i felt pity for this country

hekaya baadaye


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Exactly.. The fuckers usually go on camera for show.

Kartel (inacarcerated) sang something to the tune of "The world is a stage, its all an act" Dont believe everything you see on TV
Shakespeare had said the same things centuries ago in Hamlet or MacBeth, "What is life but a poor player ....."


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Hii siasa iishe. My phone doesnt ring as often as it used to. Biz iko down,naulizwa na wakubwa wangu kwani kunendaje? They dont like the recent reports i've been sending.