Poosie "fit" problems


Village Elder
I've always had an issue with some ladies who's poosie just didn't seem to 'fit' around my deek, ni kama unagwara mahali as you are stroking. And this usually happens with women who are so good in other areas, it's regrettable that this is our only issue. Anyone else ever had this issue and is it fixable?

Tom Bayeye

Village Chief
either uko na dudu ndogo ukaingiza kwa coomer kawaida ama ama kwa mtaroooooo.........ama you're in the wrong hole my fren.It has happened before to a couple so sioni shida hapa


If she is aroused enough, it will swallow your d*ck times 2! If she is not and is dry, it tightens up and is painful to you and her too!! Just turn her on!


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Kuna wengine wana birth control ile ya IUD. Mi nishaskia once kitu pariti sana nikakuwa paranoid. Kuambia kunguru tukipiga gumzo ati nimeskia kitu haiko sambamba nikifanya duf mpararo akashtuka. Long story short it had been dislodged.
That week I felt like a ninja gaiden warrior. Lexington steele kando.