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A map of the countries that watch the most porn
Last year there were 23 billion visits to Pornhub worldwide.

That's an impressive 729 every second.

We were also logging on with our phones more than ever before - with 61 per cent of users on mobile devices, followed by desktop (28 per cent) and tablet (11 per cent).

Some countries were more consuming more porn than others though.

So, without further ado, here are the top ten users - when it comes to page views - of 2016:

1. The US

2. Iceland

3. UK

4. Canada

5. New Zealand

6. Ireland

7. Norway

8. Australia

9. Sweden

10. The Netherlands


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Kenyans Porn Habits Revealed: Pornhub’s 2016 Year in Review

"For the second year running, the most viewed category in Kenya, just like most of Africa, is ‘Ebony’. As a matter of fact, the only countries in Africa where ebony is not the top categories are located in North Africa, with Somalia and Madagascar being the exceptions from the East.

In the US and Canada, ‘Lesbian’ seems to be very popular.

Actually, ‘Lesbian’ is quite popular globally and is the most searched for category in the Pornhub network, which is made up of Pornhub itself, Redtube, YouPorn among others.

Kenya is also not left behind in the ‘Lesbian’ craze, which says a lot about what we say publicly about homosexuality and what we do privately.

Other popular categories in Kenya include: Cartoon and Massage.

When it comes to proportion of female visitors, it appears Kenyan women have come out in full swing. Porn is generally associated with idle men, but women, especially in Kenya, are now catching up. While in most countries female visitors make up less than 20% of Pornhub traffic, in Kenya they are fast approaching the 50% mark, meaning nearly as many Kenyan women visit Pornhub as men.

Some other peculiar stats from Pornhub’s global audience is the average time spent per visit. The average worldwide visit duration is 9min 36sec. In this stat, South Africa has one of the longest duration of 10min 46sec. Kenya’s average duration is however not provided.

There was also a spike in interest in Trump related material"
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