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  1. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    You haven't been left far behind Meria, Fifa is introducing it now, in this confederations cup, though there has been testing elsewhere. Like a talker has said up there, I guess we will get used to it then in years to come we will be looking back and wonder how football used to be like without video refereeing.
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  2. Mrs4thletter

    Mrs4thletter Village Elder

    I was beginning to wonder kwani hakuna mtu anafuata confed, goes without saying, mimi na support Arsenal hihihihi
    Anyhu, this confed brings back memories of the last one in 2013, it was a love filled time ,the love.... Wacha niache mafeelings
  3. Mrs4thletter

    Mrs4thletter Village Elder

    Man is to error, tech ni mzuri itawipe out doubt when it occurs ni hio goal ya pepe yenye ref ameacha washangilie alafu ma assistant wakasema ni off side mnaongelelea?
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  4. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

    Wacha kusumbua kama Chile vile munasumbua Cameroon.
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