Post-Coital Dysphoria (PCD)

PCD, as they refer to it, is a condition marked by feelings of agitation, melancholy, anxiety or sadness after intercourse, even when it’s good, consensual sex. The condition can last between five minutes and two hours.

This happened to my girlfriend one time .Hard to quantify but after sexual activity she gets a strong sense of self-loathing about herself. Usually sheI’ll distract herself by going to sleep or going and doing something else or occasionally lying in silence until it goes away; she feels a lot of shame; has crying fits and full on depressive episodes follow[ing] coitus that leaves me worried, and every once in a while she has crying spells after the act.However, sometimes she holds in the sadness for hours until she leaves as we do not live together, and I sometimes have negative feelings which are difficult to describe...

Has anyone experienced this kind of thing after sex?
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