Post Election Raila, We have been here before


Village Elder
This is not the first time that Raila has come up with an absurd notion after the poles. Without being in Parliament, it is hard for one to be relevant after elections especially in the new constitution dispensation.
Raila is for the second time trying a radical notion to remain relevant longer. Remember the Governors' trip to America? Only Kidero didn't attend terming it as a waste, which it was. the governors were made to pay their own way and if i remember right there was a contribution somewhere. All amounted to naught.
this swearing in Maneno will die down by the time the January blues kick in.
We will hide our tribalism for the next 4 years till when we are conveniently reminded that so and so is sitting on the chair and he is not like you.
Ever wondered why it's only in politics that we are tribal, yet we go to the muhindi employer who insults us, robs us and shows us matharau without discrimination?


Village Elder
Like you put it people have now moved on, the blues kicked in way before the botched August elections and their only thoughts remain how they are going to fend for their families/ themselves and how they are going to fill the holes that were created. 5 years being a lengthy period of time every citizen ought to ask themselves where you will be in 2022; socially and economically. The dynamics at play do not matter as they cannot justify the end and the Kenyan is getting more clever/ stronger by the day.

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
" We will disclose the swearing venue of president elect Hon. Raila Odinga on the eve of 11th, we are trying to avoid scenario like that we experienced in Jacarada were Sonko ferried tankers of human waste to disgrace the occasion.No no no we cannot be cowered by police and they must be there to protect us because it is their work as articulated in article 19. 1,2& 3" ~ Hon .Commissioner Otiende Amollo


Village Sponsor
"It may be of huge symbolic and political value to Mr Odinga’s cohorts, but it will not amount to an illegal power-grab that should have President Kenyatta quacking in his boots at State House.

The stunt only exposes Mr Odinga’s growing desperation as he pushes to remain relevant after the miscalculation of sitting out the repeat poll and gifting Mr Kenyatta free passage to a second term.

A ‘People’s President’ emerges on the strength of popular support, and need not go through some ceremony of no legal validity."

machariaGaitho in his latest article.


Village Elder
He is simply struggling to face the harsh reality that he screwed himself on the 26th.
His 'strategist' failed him miserably here. We are used to his endless fruitless
vitisho, boycotts, badilisha katiba, carpets, choo, IEBC must go, blah blah...
These are roles practiced by the ones who do not make it to the house on the hill, a clear
sign of defeat.


Village Chief
Yes you do. At least someone has to but that does not blurr the truth that he is indeed a tribal menace in this country.
Tribal politics are not a creation of Raila, he just used them to his advantage like any other politician in KE. And even after he goes, others will follow the same script for many years to come.