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Potus Na Pishori..Nkt

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So Im bored over the weekend; POTUS is around and everyone seems to have been caught up by the POTUS fever.
I decide what the heck, wacha nikakunywe kadhaa 1824 kutafuta usingizi. (Wife hayuko BTW, tuliachana a month ago). I go and enjoy myself..Asubuhi like 5 Madimoni zikanidanganya nipitie Rafikiz nikunywe ya mwisho. I check in and meet Atieno, a bevy from the lakeside.
We engage in good conversation and finally my fisi mode activates and I swear to hit that Luo chic.Kwahivyo nadanganyilia yeye and kidogo kidogo we are home like at 6.30am.
I only rember eating eggs.
Next thing I wake up its 10.00pm Sunday, Im naked in Bed, the house is smelling poop and 3 laptops, mobile phone and money missing.
Mjinga aliniwekea pishori kw amayai nikakufa...and she went ahead to shit and smear the walls. Took 3 hours of serious washing to wipe down the shit.
Hiyo ni madharau ya aina gani? Kwani nilimfanyia nini ndio anifanyie hivo.
Im having aches everywhere, my neck back, face...aiii
But the poop oh my God. Never seen that. Nini mbaya na hawa watu wa lakeside NKKKKTTTTTTTTtttttt!!!


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Pole sana donkey, shit happens in this life ..
On a lighter note though, maybe she had mistakenly swallowed a piece from the eggs and had to fight hard to shit it all out, hence the body commotion (read seizures)
yup shit happens even on walls. ukipiwa mayai munakula pamoja kiloveydovey na si ati akule corner yake ya mayai na wewe yako

Female Perspective

This hekaya doesn't add up.

1. Kwa nini wife alitoroka
2. Kwa nini ulikunia kwa wall
3. Kwa nini ulikula mayai
4. Why didn't you pay the agree amount, hakuna cha Bure!
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