PR ama kimbelembele tu??

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What's wrong with this chic. First it was intercontinental, now it's Kempinski?????

Laura Oyier, the so-called socialite, is onto yet another debacle. Five-star, as would be expected.
The lady who shot to social media infamy by running up a Sh250 000 tab at the Hotel

Intercontinental over Valentine’s Day was at it again last Friday at the Villa Rosa Kempinski.

After asking to join the fabulous Hot Rod Band on their Red Hot Friday themed night at the six-star facility on Waiyaki Way, Oyier ran up almost Sh5, 000 on drinks - then tried to pass the bill off on Mike Slaughter’s band.

She was detained by Kempinski security until 4am when some mysterious benefactor - surely not Carol Mutoko or Ogidi again - cleared the bill for her.
Following similar drama at the Norfolk Fairmont (rumoured) and the well-publicised Hotel Intercon saga, the socialite is now said to be blacklisted from Nairobi’s five star hotels.


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There are some people who sell rumours and earn millions and billions from them. Sidika ia a pioneer in that here. Oyier is in her footsteps. There is also an American known as kenya moore. If you use android and you list Kenya as one of the categories in News & weather app, alongside the country's news, there is one infamous Kenya Moore who is always in a some sort of saga n circus. With that kind of publicity, you earn money by generating rumours.
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