Hizi masiku zimebaki tuombe instead of talking ill of one another. If you can miss a meal,miss so that you can pray.Prayers work. Wacha tuombee ndio shetani asipate chance to bring anarchy and chaos. Hatutaki vita.Hatutaki a police state. Kenyans are peaceful. Ni shida inafanya waende street. God help Kenya. As a kid I dreamt I was in a war torn country but my prayer is that I will die before I know what its like to live in war or even to hear my country is in disarray. Let us keep praying.
We only hear of 'God' when things become elephant.
Assuming that things go smoothly after 26th,you will not hear them going to thank him for the 'peace' that will be prevailing.
We will get something else to complain about.

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