Pregnancy is a Bitch(@FP)

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Female Perspective

I'm back!! I have been unwell today I can read/type something.... @PepoPunda I swear I want my life back!!! 1st trimester is total shit...can't eat,can't drink can't do zilch!!!

Anyway, Here is my new fav song on repeat...

"....Nipe nafasi nisonge mbele ni wafu-fulahishe..."

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Ever since @Female Perspective discovered she was pregnant..her participation in discussions has gone down, her very lovely sexy hardon inducing comments have disappeared, i think she no longer is horny aaaargghh!! Miss you @FP, my little nympho. Afadhali hiyo mimba haingekam..

DF champions.Put a cap on it. @MgangAlchemist @Wakanyama @Mundu Mulosi @kanu_lingus etc

Ktalkresses,msikubali DF @Joel @Purr_27 @trish @msalame grace

Mimi ni team celibate for now na from hiyo nitaruka straight to dry fry..staki ma condoms :D ..:D
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