Pregnancy Season


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si kwa ubaya but research nimefanya @rexxsimba unawekanga madem 95% ni SURA MBAYA WAMECHAPAAA WANYANYA WAMAMAA MALAYAA RECYCLES . PICHA ZA 1 MEGAPIXEL .

Committee imekaa chini ikasema either uende tutorials kwa @anonym0us60 ama uhame kijiji ama tukuchome . shenji .
As usual , you and your "Committee" are entitled to your biases and opinions...

It's a free country ...

No one forces you to look at , or appreciate what I post ...

And... I don't do Insults ( It's beneath me..!! ) ..

While on the subject .... why don't you post here your "vision" of beauty for us to critique in a similar fashion ...??