President Kalonzo Musyoka


Village Elder
The President said today, if Raila wins, the Jubilee controlled legislature will impeach him in three months. Well, the constitution says if the president is impeached, the Deputy President assumes presidency immediately. Brace for a Musyoka presidency


Village Elder
Kalonzo angetafuta keyboard warriors wanzishe uvumi kuwa Raila ni Mzee na hana future. Kwa hivyo providence inaweza kufanya awe president even before 2022.


Village Elder
The comment, i guess, was meant to show the guests how Raila is a loser and does not deserve their support because he does not have numbers even in parliament

kah tony

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I think he also said that they have enough seats to change the constitution. BTW if NASA wins, how will mudavadi become leader of govt....we already have a rough idea of how parliament is constituted, there's no way out for these guys.