President Magufuli is a man for this time, country and continent

Even if they hire Koffi Annan for president, TZ will never come close to Kenya. TZ was founded on socialist principles while Kenya Capitalism is the wonder Kenya's Identity is based on an individual rather than group..and thats key to success.. In fact 370 Kenyans have surpassed the 10 million dollar mark..TZ has around 50
i still stand , my bucket list is to own a land in arusha and when i will you'll all know. @Sensiminia i'm still waiting for your research . i feel that country is heading the right direction. as much as people call Magufuli a silent dictator, he isn't a selfish leader. He has the interest of his people at heart. I just saw that Aga khan is going to build the biggest and well equipped hospital in the whole of EA huko Dar. the wind farm is relocating from kenya to Dar..... No one needs to be a genius to know that good stuffs are happening in that country. Na nyinyi hapa mnashinda "RWNBP-after uhuru its Ruto and yet your resources are being plundered by the same people you are endorsing, meanwhile they are buying shares in mortgages and golf courses in Dubai. shindeni hapo
Kaka usiwe na shaka, ninafuatilia hili swala. Kuna jamaa ninasubiri contacts zake. Niongee nae. Will let u know buda.
Wachana na hiyo, uzia @Abba shamba. Na utueleze kama wakenya wanaruhusiwa kumiliki mashamba pale morogoro...
Moro pako poa sana, hata mimi napapenda, Inawezekana ukiforce, ila mimi sio mwenyeji wa kule. Labda upange safari ufike huko ukutane na wenyeji wa kule. Am also thinking kununua ardhi kule some years later


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When we took a tour in arusha this is exactly what I saw. I just fell in love with the place. There is something about those hills and fresh air rich in oxygen. 18578550324_0f6a02e201_b.jpg