Prime bank robbery

Yaani bonobos zinaomoka na millioni in broad daylight.
Good evening sir.Embakasi Division is reporting an incident of robbery with violence.
Occured today 18/01/2021 at about 14. 45 hrs. About six armed robbers entered Hypermart/ Ramtons premises near city cabanas/kyangome exchange along Mombasa road.They confronted no.228864 cpl Mohammed Hassan and no 228581 cpl Eunice Syengo and disarmed them of their two Scorpion firearms reach loaded with 30 rounds of ammos. The robbers then entered the mobile prime bank banking truck reg no KCR 219J and took away Two cash cassettes ( boxes) containing unknown amount of money. They escaped using two motor bikes with unknown reg.numbers. Officers are combing the scene.Full information to follow as soon as possible.
Ahahahahaa, hii ni mchezo. Yaani majamaa wana stroll na heist ni kama ata hakuna kitu inafanyika. Yaani hii ndio uwizi ile nishaona rahisi kuanzia nizaliwe, shiet- those brains should've been sprayed all over Msa road......


Múndú Mwenda Andú
Yaani ....I think i will try that too,am a mungich after all,I will play it well than those guys.
I hope they don't get caught but be caught next time when they think they can do it easy as this one.
Yaani wameomooka tu namna hivyo