Principles Vs. Populism


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Justice Ojwang holds a position in the Supreme Court that the others, particularly Justice Philomena Mwilu who requires serious remedial schooling, could only dream of.

His voluminous thesis titled The Unity of the Constitution and the Common Law tells a lot about the man who has spent more than 40 years in the profession.

Prof Tom Ojienda, who also holds a doctorate in law, describes Prof Ojwang’ as a scholar in a class of his own.

“He is not just interested in the practicality of the law as a judge of the Supreme Court but on the theory as well and that’s what explains his decision to continue reading going into new areas of the law,” Prof Ojienda said. “Prof Ojwang’ got his first PhD in comparative constitutional law but since that is in the old constitutional order, his current doctorate in law is [meant] to appreciate the new constitutional dispensation in Kenya.”

And he can fight (against a rather daft Warsame)!

Mutahi Ngunyi put it this way:

Mutahi Ngunyi The Most Sought After Prophet In Kenya
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Supreme Court Judgement is about those WHO READ vs those WHO CAN'T READ. Why is JB OJWANG Not the CJ? His ELEGANCE makes Maraga look CRASS!
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