Progress this year - and my encounters with kungurus

This is a great year,
1.I have not paid a whore for sex in those city brothels since Sept Last year.
2.I have not been looking for sex from those online dingy dating sites like tinder and tagged..
And am not planning to go back there..

But i remembered the shit i have passed through in search of pu**y..

There is this one time i got some lady from Craiglist, she was looking for a guy to take her out and have fun(read sex)...
She told me she lived at Karen with her Uncle, We met many times and had crazy sex, that bitch was wild,

what got me curious was that she never used to ask for cash like these usual Nairobi bitches who after the 1st sexual encounters you become an ATM, the only cash i spent on her was the drinks i used to buy and food when we went out.. and fuel to drop her back at Karen..

Then one day i was dropping her to Karen at around 8pm, then as usual i waited until the gate man opened the gate for the lady to get in.
That day was different because instead of the usual watchie , some mzungu who looked like he was around 60yrs opened the gate, i noticed the lady was a bit uncomfortable and did not wave me good bye like the other days, the white guy asked her "have you paid the cab guy", and she replied yes...the lady did not think that i heard the conversation she had with the guy, but my ears are like that of a hare.

From there all dots connected, i got all the flashbacks from my encounters with her,
the lady had a very strict schedule, we used to meet at 1pm, and go back by 9pm.. no sleepovers whatsoever, then one day i remembered of how i picked her up,
she had some funny smell and was sweating , when i asked she told me she was working out.. now i found out ni mzungu alikuwa anararua mali..

Kumbe the bitch used to live with a mzungu as a mistress, all my sweet memories with her were wiped out in a flash, i thought nimeangukiaa a nice lady from the Kenyan aristocracy(karen), kumbe i was eating same plate na sponsor..

Hapo ndiyo my activities with Kungurus and online whores reduced to a bare minimum.. and this year has been good so far.