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Proof chris kirubi loves to control his employees

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Senior Villager
When your boss tries to come
into your life outside the wor
place, it is just too
inappropriate since what you
do outside his territory is non
of his business. What is worse
is when he does it in public.
Kenya’s most famous
billionaire and businessman
Chris Kirubi seems to have thi
type of trait. Last Saturday he
tweeted Mishy Amina, a
famous Capital FM presenter
on Hits Not Homework, tellin
her that she should be tweetin
about her show on Capital FM
and her colleagues after she
tweeted about Coke Studio
Africa. Chris Kirubi is the
owner of Capital FM and man
other big companies. So shoul
we also assume he also owns
his employees’ social media
accounts and dictate what they
say outside the workplace?
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