Proof ktalk is peasants hood

Ukiona traffic jam utapata hawkers wanauza property magazines and such

Ukiona matatu utapata hawkers wakiuza ndani dawa ya mende na panya

Inshort every ads are for target market

Sasa hapa naona bar soap kila wakati..means ktalk members are peasants to the core..mostly unemployed Bachelors:D:D:D:D:D:D


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ktalk adverts reflect the viewers usichukulie kwa ubaya but there are many whose pages advertise properties...some advertise holiday destinations...some look like pharmacies esp ya viagra...for me it looks like a japanese show room because I have been trying to upgrade someone's wheels. am sure some pages look like college catalogues while others look like German car showrooms.
yangu inakaa hivi for the last 3 weeks Screenshot_20190620-201818.jpg Screenshot_20190620-201741.jpg

Azor Ahai

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Own goal hapa :D Reminds me of one Kimakia :D Adverts are unique to you dude. YOU are the peasant that's why you are being targeted with that bar soap. I use Brave kwa comp so sioni adverts huko but kwa simu hukuwa mostly cars from Japan like the guys above or some accounting stuff. Hii ndio advert nimeona kwa chrome.
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