proposes 2 an ugly lookin momo on Churchill show

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i thought the momo's body language, with that mother's union hug, told clearly that she was unimpressed and only went along with the routine not to embarass the fool further...
Churchill comedians wako na shida ya akili....Jana Chipukizi goes like "Usikubali mkamba aongee kwa mazishi yako".. How will u do that and u are dead matapaka?:confused::confused:

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I never bother to watch that Churchill shit anymore. Too much nonsense and half the time you spend watching adverts. And at what point did EPL jokes become a permanent must have on the show?
With all those recycled dry jokes, I'm starting to think that part of the crowd is hired to laugh, so that they prompt the others to laugh


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I'm starting to think that part of the crowd is hired to laugh, so that they prompt the others to laugh
True...or maybe some laughing gas is sprayed around before the show starts. The Meru show must have been very boring evidenced by the fact that at the end of the show(When that group of Ameru Crew was rapping away) the VIP seats in front were all empty.


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Kwani ni wanawake mtu amekosa ama ni nn?

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@Javino ........Maggot ka wewe ndo mi husema should learn from their parents mistake and use birth controls going forward............"eti ugly looking Momo???????"........weka wako hapa pia sisi tujudge....tutakupa feedback chap chap.....Inzi ya sewage hii.......Unajichocha na labda wewe ndo uko na look alike ya kondoo kwa nyumba.........He might have proposed to the greatest heart that anyone would want to have around em.........


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You never bother to watch but somehow you know every detail about the show.
He said he doesnt watch it ''anymore''. You seem to be the kind of person who laughs yourself hoarse with those hollow dry jokes. Either the present generation are not either social or very on earth do you find perrenial recycled tribal humour humourous anymore? I mean impersonating Okuyus,luos,mara kales,mara kisiis etc. over and over. That guy called AKA and another kyuk guy sijui Karis-he used to bring a hotel bizna on ktn morning show atleast have some kind of intellectually stimulating jokes.
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