Protests Erupt in Zim over high fuel prices

Meria Mata

Village Chief
Mwaswera sei
diesel in Zimbabwe will cost $3.11 per litre and petrol $3.31 per litre, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Saturday. Before the increase, diesel cost $1.38 a litre, and petrol $1.43 a litre.
petrol stations owned by politicians are under sieke.


Village Elder
Prince Uhuru is lucky Kenyans are not easy to offend. Sijui how Kenyans will be after June when Eurobond 1 becomes due.
Jaindi Kisero of Daily Nation sees very dark clouds


Village Elder
To "see very dark clouds" is not a real thing? :Dby that I meant Jaindi Kisero predicts hardtimes.
Harare looks cleaner than Nairobi
Harare and bulawayo are the cleanest and most organised cities in Africa...streets are wide and have enough space between structures...wazungu town planners walifanya kazi mzuri sana