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Public address system


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How much can a Standard PA system cost me brand new?
Hard question. Almost like asking cost of a standard brand new car? A PAS can come with one speaker. Or two speakers. Or four. It could have an 8 channel mixer, power amp, a sub, monitors, or have wired mics or wireless.

That said, a good quality peavey set could set you back ksh 250,000 to 300,000. Good midrange speakers are about ksh 30k a piece. You need four for a big crowd. Mixer 30k. Power amp 40k. If you opt for power mixer, about 50k. Risky, less options. But it eliminates cost of separate power amp and mixer. Sub/amp unit 50k. Wireless mic x4 20k. Speaker stands, cords, and other accessories 20k. 3-5kva generator 30k. Most people find need for laptop too.
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2 wharfedale 15inch speakers @24each, behringer xenyx 1222 mixer 35k, behringer Europower EP2000 amp @45K, Ahuja wired mics @3K each. Rack, cables, jacks utajipanga. That's a simple but a reliable and expandable system. Kimbia pale credible sounds Moi avenue ama xtreme sounds Luthuli avenue.