Public Likes New Earning Scheme..


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ata kama unakula faida you are creating a platform for the main event, BIG scam. The websites you click are the
but sahi they can earn from Ok...
yuseme public likes ni scam... due to many visitors so
companies and platrforms can consider it now coz wasee mob wako huko sasa . its getting 70k visitors per day... imagine sasa a company pays publiclikes...
how many people will view a certain site if its posted by publiclikes...


Ponzi schemes are only beneficial to those who join in first. Join now knowing you are taking a risk but hey! Life is all about risk ama?
Lol... haukufanta research poa brathe... referrala give you nothing Unless they upgrade and you also upgrade.. per referral if he upgrades you get 4/- per his ads... so 25x4=100 daily from your referrals... + 250/- for your clicks... thats 350x7=2450/- if you have just 2 referrals thats 450x7 making you withdraw 3150 every friday... Hapo umeongea boss tena sana... Acha nilete s.shot za mpesa huku...alafu point of correction pl is genuine hadi leo...
does it mean that if they don't upgrade, I earn nothing!