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Many many years ago, like many, I lived in the Diaspora and had an office hapo StimVak arcade. Best Estate agent in town those days. I used to kamata single mother tenants like what is this. Good old days.
Among them, was this particularly slender Laputopu I used to receive slices from. To me, she was maiden, but I knew she had a kid huko Gishagi. I used to kamata her proper in her single room on the third floor of a block near ......forget the undisclosed location.
On this fateful evening, I had brought home a kilo of Mbuzi mguu China and a bottle of Smirnoff vodka. She poured me two fingers and I sat back on the stool to sip my coke diluted makali as she songad Ugali on her Total Meko stove , an arms length from the full length Three door wardrobe. Made me often wonder why a girl whose house had the most basic of essential s would spend such a Kings ransom to acquire such an expensive piece of furniture. But , truth be told, she dressed so nicely , you would never have thought she was a teacher at a nearby school. Dressed well my foot, tonight she was sporting olny a leso wrapped slightly above her perky nursers and would give me quite a show whenever she sat on the bed. She sat often, after every twist of the ugali. The window adjacent to the herculean wardrobe above the meko provided the requisite aeration, besides which, we would be long have succumbed to the gaseouy form of the most common Element.
After super, she took a long swig at the Smirnoff bottle, smacked like a true Othaya girl and headed for the showers. I in turn splashed some other two fingers, and list the coat and tie. The cuff links slipped silently into the trouser pocket, Eying the door for the return of the quarry.
After what seemed like the entire 1st term in highskull, she bustled back in, took another, rather long swig at the bottle, and proceeded to smear her body with oil. That was my cue.....I offered to assist and despite the opposition, I took the oil and went for the butt.
Five minutes of rubbing and slipping my fists in the moist enclaves of her being, in between Huff's and puffs, she found my shirt buttons and started to undo them. This gave me unfettered access to firm 34c and I sunk two fingers so far up , she wretched. She twisted like a Commondo dragon on heat, reached for my belt , and pretty much near snapped the heavy leather strap sideways. I twisted my pelvis and both the boxer and the trouser sunk to the floor. The legendary Sycamore tree sprang off like a coiled Egyptian spitting cobra, hissing, drooling, and pretty much pu**y heat-seaking like a Scud missile during the gulf war.
Back then, I was a young man of broad shoulders and rockhard biceps and triceps. I lifted Mwalimu like a feather, her hands holding tight around my neck, I drove her against the bare wall between the window and the wardrobe. Each hand wedged under her slender yellow thighs and clamping her butt for traction, the moist, clear pinky folds of her sister sister stood almost defiantly daring the throbbing shaft. I gave it a curious stare, and the shaft was telling me.."aki niachie hii kitu uone. Just give me a chance "
As if on the same telepathy frequency, mwalimu, let go on her left hand, and guided the drill bit in.
Wacha nichape mutoto ya mwenyewe jameni. Thus far exposed, she had no room to wiggle out. I have it to her, looking and hard. With every furious pound, the pu**y clapped a heavenly chorus and spit honey. With every propelled thrust, I stretched her legs further, and sunk it all in.
At one point, by a fluke , I turned sideways, probably to distract myself not to bail due to her climaxing grunts, I turned and saw our reflection on the full length mirror on the wardrobe door. Shit seemed extremely sexxy, seeing me shafting her in real life. Hehehe. somehow , after she stopped convulsing from the cum, I alerted her to the sight on the mirror. We both gazed on it as we pumped away with careless abandon. I gave it to her. And I did. And she, she took it like a lady. Panting and wailing.
Presently, my left hand seemed to be blocking the clear view on the mirror. I dropped. What the hell, she slid down a foot , not supported by the hand. Thus in turn meant that she sunk into the legendary Sycamore tree to the hilt. I saw her eyes pop out an inch, a gasp of hail Mary escape her clenched teeth and simultaneously wrapped her right foot on my waist to mitigate the gravitational pull. This meant that my d*ck became the Fulcrum, pivoting a femine school teacher on the verge of total canal chaos. What the fuacccvk.
I, in my stead to spare the tree from being sheared off by a pelvic bone, twisted my torso at an obtuse angle, shifting all weight to my strong back. In the process, I pulled a very very painful muscle on my back. The pain, plus feeling the tree hit uncharted territories beyong the cervix, tilted the pot, and I sent young boys and girls deep within her now captivating uterus. All the while, I am doing my best to remain on my feet.
Before I could stagger, with her still pivoted on the tree,I side stepped the meko, circumvented the utensil rack, and landed on the bed, pazias and all. d*ck still imbeded.
Being the man I am, I sucked up the searing pain on my back, and let her calm down on my shoulder for the expected fifteen minutes. When she left for the loo, I laboriously dressed and was waiting at the door when she returned. The bye huggs and crap I took like a man then i left. I called Dr Frank, who gave me two shots for the pain, laughing his his head off when I explain Ed that I got injured eagle-spreading Mwalimu. He knew her.


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Nice read sir. I pulled once my hamstrings after a rough love making episode just like yours . I had been chasing this woman for 4 yrs, still in the mid 90s. When she gave in,that's when I gave out. When I was just about to release millions of boys and girls on a race to survival,is when it struck. I cried out of pain and sadly the boys and girls couldn't make it out of the gates of freedom,they went back to their original dungeons waiting for their luck next time .It took a while i can attest that .

Nice read always @Kasighau .
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