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  1. Dollar sign

    Dollar sign Senior Villager

    If your are a youth and you are Jobless and you still sing Uhuru,Uhuru,Uhuru..... ...... SHAME ON YOU
    If you are a nurse and you on strike because of pay rise and you still sing Uhuru, Uhuru,Uhuru....... SHAME ON YOU PIA!
    If you are a parent and your kids goes hungry everyday because of high Unga prices and you still sing Uhuru,Uhuru,Uhuru............. YOU'RE CURSED
    If you are employed and you pay huge taxes and Uhuru and Ruto are stealing billions and you still sing Uhuru,Uhuru,Uhuru............... YOU MUST BE EASY GOING.
    If you are a lecturer and you're on strike and you still sing Uhuru,Uhuru,Uhuru.......... YOU MUST BE A LEARNED FOOL.
    If you are a parent and your child is now in class four without laptop and you still want to vote for Uhuru....................YOU MUST BE POSSESSED.
    If your relative died in West Gate, Mpeketoni, Garisa,Somalia and you still want to vote for Jubilee.................... YOU MUST BE A MURDERER YOUR SELF.
    If your family died because doctors were on strike and you still waiting to vote for Jubilee........
    ............... YOU WILL DIE THE SAME WAY BEFORE 2022.
    If you live in dry areas and there is no signs of irrigation in your area since 2013 and most of you go to bed hungry and you still sing Uhuru Uhuru, Uhuru............... THAT MUST BE WITCH CRAFT
    If you lost your job because the company you were working for closed down or due to retrenchment but you are there struggling with Mijengo and you sing Uhuru tano tena, Uhuru tano tena............. JUA UMELAANIWA.
    If you are a football fan, may be you support Arsenal or Barcelona or Manchester, you admire their stadiums but here in Kenya there are no such stadiums like Old traford or Wembley etc and you stll sing Uhuru,Uhuru,Uhuru..................... YOU MUST BE A SLAVE.
    If you are a farmer and you bought a mixture of fertilizer and sand and you still want to vote for Uhuru..................... MAY BE WEWE SI BINADAMU
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  2. kijana serekali iko macho, heshimu serekali
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  3. It's Le Scumbag

    It's Le Scumbag Village Elder

    The CA is about to deploy something called DSM.... Nilisoma Sufferingcom wakidai hiyo kitu ikienda on air,online privacy kaput.
  4. Lucky_Luciano

    Lucky_Luciano Village Elder

    @admin what did you promise these faggots, its been bullshit all day. worried for the coming days ahead, a tsunami of substandard content is heading your way so you better brace yourself. the END is nigh!
  5. dr edu

    dr edu Village Elder

    Saf hawatakubali.
  6. It's Le Scumbag

    It's Le Scumbag Village Elder

    Si suf pekee....all mobile telephone kampunis. Sufferingcom gone to court.
  7. dr edu

    dr edu Village Elder

    Yeah but Saf is the one leading the pack.
    Case ni Okiya Omtatah.
  8. Mzee Putin

    Mzee Putin Senior Villager

    And what will the other seven potential 'presidents' do or put in place to ensure the above incidences are not repeated ever again?

    And please do not repost that nonsense about 'Joshua' & his flower girls bringing any real changes. They were all in the previous goverments and we all know about everyone's track record both real & imagined.
  9. Art

    Art Village Elder

    Does the peculiar stupidity gene run in your family,can you explain in one sentence how Uhuru has contributed to this?
  10. 4star

    4star Village Elder

    Tafasali toa hiyo ya west gate
  11. Thagichu

    Thagichu Village Elder

    He's the captain of MV Kenya.
  12. Illuminated

    Illuminated Village Elder

    Well, you understand all that... But I'm afraid, the tactics being applied by Jubilee especially during these last days may not be what baba had contemplated. Just keen on the satirical speech the two give especially whenever they visit NASA strongholds. And Uhuru is commissioning new projects wherever he goes. Whether or not he has been sleeping, this is meant to lure so many. Cause you understand all the SGR math, inflation and all that, you may not be the target here... Jana he ordered for writing off of debts za some peasants there... Dam for meru people, ukambani... This is tricky and nahurumia Jakuon cause he doesn't have the potential go do beyond giving promises at his position...
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