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I have bee watching this series for a while.its one of the few blacks series that I have liked.it brings everything family,sex,love,kids and much more.of course its rated you can't watch it with your kids.one of the stars is a bisexual lady and she is also an activist.she also grows and sells weed!I'm now on season 2band I still like it.


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I tried watching, couldn't understand what the *** it was all about.
The few hours I have to watch TV means it has to be something worth it. I prefer documentaries to expand my knowledge, Sci-fi to expand my mind, sports because I was an athletic and some action because I'm a man. I watch comedy and some drama only because of First lady and the need for some quality time in the house. Once in a while on holiday and staying at home I could binge watch some few reality shows like Apprentice, Survivor etc. Queen Sugar had just too much drama.