Quitting Alcohol


Senior Villager
Wakubwa naona tei itaniua. My finances have taken a nose dive. Jana nilikamua lanye dwy fwy. When am drunk I do things that I would never ever do in my right mind nikiwasober. How do I get my life together? How do you guys manage your alcohol habits?


Village Senator
Staff member
Simple. Just don't drink alcohol kama dunia inaisha.
Pombe has been there since Bible times and will always be there.
Greed and peer pressure could be the reason.
First, hama hio estate.
Two drop your drinking buddies.
Three, start a family or a ka project to keep you busy.


Village Sponsor
You need to find something that will preoccupy you hio time unakunywa .Plus keti chini write down your purpose in life and note how alcohol is preventing you from achieving your goals/purpose .
Join a gym and never ever look at alcohol again