Raila amekataa seeking State clearance before traveling


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NASA leader Raila Odinga has rubbished the latest policy directive requiring that opposition leaders seek State House clearance before travelling outside the country.

Raila's statement to newsrooms came after reports emerged that his co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula had on Thursday been blocked at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and prevented from travelling to Uganda.
Another spin. No one in State House Kenya cares where he goes, he can even take a global cruise to fulfill his bucket list with the little he still has from paybill. Watermelon ego got bruised by M7 who rejected his visit to UG. Opposition leaders were asked to seek clearance from State House UG before attempting to travel. Hakuna mtu anataka babuon sumbua kwao.
Ama walikuwa wanataka kufanya alliance with Besigye wamsaidie kuleta democracy yao huko....in return, huku wakishaharibu, watapata support from him and his followers. M7 doesn't want and won't let anyone who looks like a threat to his position into his house. In any case, wanaenda wapi, kufanya nini na kuna campaigns huku?
To others its not hate, it's their job. Don't take it to your heart.
They were basically trained by some Feeble minded Fox just to a man even without reason, i dont have hate for the president but i really hate irresponsibility, we should own up to our responibilitie, si kuniuliza SASA NIFANYE NINI? jameni