Raila and Uhuru to decide referendum. Manyora weighs in.



The way the MPs and senators were attacking the Punguza Mzigo last night in the news I hope Dr Ekuru Aukot has plans to counter that. They were saying that Kenyans should wait for Building Bridges Initiative to conclude.
BBI ni PR pekee. Punguza Mzigo is the real thing
Hapo Labia Majora is very wrong, with the war the governor's are having over devolved funds plus the senators with the MPs, yaani I doubt if an MCA will want to go against Wanjikus need
The Senators , and MCA's are naturally pro Aukot document. First term Governors, and those who only served one term, like Kabogo and Isaac Ruto may support The Document to.
Governors serving their 2nd and last term , are mostly likely to support the BBI, since it will give them a lifeline in the regional assemblies.
The like of Joho and Oparanya are most likely inclined towards BBI.
Interesting time ahead.
I was doubting the 7 years presidency clause but after reading the whole document with the justifications I am all for the bill,the part on dealing with corruption and capping salaries was the best piece of legislation I have ever read,if there is ever a way for Kenya to progress it will be through punguza mizigo