Raila is Alone. 'Kalonzo was not part of Demos because Uhuru took Kalonzo's wife to hospital.' Alai.


Village Elder
"On the other hand, Kalonzo boycotted the demo since he had just been assisted by Uhuru Kenyatta to take his sick wife, Pauline abroad for further treatment. President Kenyatta gave Kalonzo 25 million for his wife’s treatment."


Mudavadi is said to be developing cold feet and may not be seen in the upcoming NASA political scene since Raila’s attack on Chiloba goes against his protection of the luhya tribe which he wants to inherit as their elder. No Governor apart from Nyong’o supported Raila’s move.

Raila Odinga through NASA which can be unofficial called ODM last week demanded 500, 000 from all MPs elected under the coalition. He lectured the MPs during an unofficial PG saying they need money to campaign. Unfortunately at the struck of midnight yesterday only 200, 000 had been collected with most MPs shying away from the RAO mess as they called it.

So far Joho, one of the main financiers of ODM has developed a lukewarm attitude towarda Raila since they fell out over house business committee nomination with Joho fighting for coast MPs to get a slot, Aisha Jumwa has been publicly quoted opposing Raila and ODM shenanigans.

Alai sometimes husema ukweli but sometimes huropokwa. But mostly ameropokwa na imekuwa ukweli every time.


Village Elder
All jubilee need to do is to play tribal card. Ask one prominent luhya politician to say Odinga is against luhyas and that is why he is evicting "one of them" Mr. chiloba. Let the song be repeated again.

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