Raila Odinga on Citizen Tv


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my lay interpretation of what welder means by no election is that nobody will physically stop anyone from voting by means like violence/disruption/blocking polling stations etc but the exercise will be akin to "kuosha kuku mguu" yaani an exercise in futility which according to him the courts will likely nullify again .....i could be wrong
Today in London he said something to the effect that there will be no election for it will be a selection.


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Luos in this nation will remain marginalised for many years to come for allowing one man to mislead them badly. They have demonstrated that they are ready to go to any desperate lengths both legal and illegal just to get their man raila in power. Unfortunately, they do not realise they have been alienating friends just like raila has done politically for a long time. In politics and life you have to be able to convince others to work with you and not bulldoze your will over others.
Sadly some politicians like kalonzo, weta and madvd have been caught on the wrong side of history. We will never forget the fake server logs read to the world by a fake nasa IT "expert" in an attempt to get power through the back door.
If the Luo nation is to redeem itself, they need to totally do away with raila kind of personality cult politics and support revolutionally leaders like Tuju, Ababu etc