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Knowing Kenyans it will be hard to mobilize a whole county from participating in the elections.... Some few peeps will participate... And others won't... At the end the votes of the two or three people who turn up will count...
In luo nyanza hawa watu baba akisema wasivote.trust me no one will show up
Best option for Rao is not to participate or to make sure elections are disrupted in some constituents, so as to illegitimise the elections and make Uhuru look like a dictator and forced down people's throat. All this is to continue with the narrative he gives his people, that the state has once again thwarted their ascendancy to power
The oldman is too much!..He was a nuisance but he has now become a menace! If he is not ready to participate in the elections, he should then let Kenya go!! I mean, the economy is hurting, people are losing jobs, tribal hatred is at an all time high..the country is scarce held together by a thin hope!... For the sake of his legacy & like a wounded lion, RAO should just tuck his tail between his legs and lick his wounds pole pole as he waits to fight another day..


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But what if the aibisi goes ahead with the plans on 26th in all constituency but no turnout in RAOs stronghold.Aren't they supposed to report that as zero votes for him?
Good question. Same way RAT says its his democratic right to participate or not. Nobody can force him. So i would also seek clarification on this issue.