Raila on NTV


Village Elder
Hatajua ajui, this bully has had his way against individuals for long. Now the whole Jubilee machinery has put down its feet to deal with him. We are voting on 17/10 apende asipende.
but i thought the kiem guys said they need more time for the kits


Village Elder
Sema babuon kukojolewa,amekojolewa akapoa kama maji ya mtungi,in this interview he is so pacified and subdued devoid of the usual bravado.Dawa ya moto ni moto kweli.


Village Elder
I read it in the press but just to be clear I haven't seen that directly from them. They have to meet our deadline not the other way round.
Enlighten me, whatever deal that IEBC got with the KEIMS firm, was it far fetched for them to foresee a re-run or run-off so as to prepare accordingly?