Raila Should Now Pick Karua & Game Is Over By 7:00A.M In Railas Favor


Village Elder
:D:D:D:D:D....what dignity kama wao ndio wanasema who and how Babu will include in government,a mighty man in the league of kimathi ,matiba and wamalwa senior,a man who fought the second liberation and brought freedoms , democracy and resources to the masses through devolution has been reduced to a circus monkey who jumps and entertains his master as he is told ,Bure kabisa


Village Elder
but you are assuming kambas and luhyas will deliver in favor of baba ,, hehe debe itaamua
You are assuming Musalia and Weta have a lot of influence yet baba huwatwangwa every time. As for kambas, Kalonzo can contest alone. Acha tupatane Kwa Debe. Ikiwa ni rerun ni sawa. Just be assured Jambazi will go home, and by Dec he'll be in jail