Raila won the elections?


Village Elder
If Raila won the elections, he would not have asked for a recount of the votes. This is because he was sure that Jubilee would stuff the boxes with more ballot papers in favour of Uhuru.

If Raila was sure he won the elections, he would have asked for tallying of the forms 34 A, B, C up to Z.

That would have been the path of a winner.

Voting was done manually

Counting was done manually,

Forms 34 A-Z were filled manually

Tallying was done manually

Transmission was done electronically.

If he lost doing the electronic process, why not go back to where he is sure he won – ( Manual Process).

But he knows now and knew then that he didn’t win. So his next option is to discredit the whole electro process and make the country ungovernable. Cause chaos in the country, have a few of his supporters dead and then ask for nusu mkate.

He is not interested in elections. He just want Nusu Mkate at whichever cost. The looser in this whole process will be the Kenyan people, the economy and watermelon Kalonzo.

Wacha tu niseme RWNEBPORK!!:mad::mad::mad:


Village Elder
I am just stating the facts. Even if baba got everything he wanted in the IEBC, he still wouldnt win the elections. Thats a fact.