RAW -horror movie on a different level


I love watching horror movies especially the supernatural ones with ghosts demons werewolves vampires (am never comfy with the sucking blood . now the other day i was going through movies and i come across this movie called RAW , its in french with subtitles . banaa guyz are eating each other live . there is this family whereby the whole family their career is being vets and they dont eat meat . now the girl goes to a boarding school and she is forced to eat meat and fro their the cannibalistic gene goes active and she starts eating people .
yaani those parts ya mtu kula mwenzake were really chilling that i had to close my eyes during those parts , phuck , atleast HANNIBAL alikuwa anapika na Royco na dhania , mtu atawatch part zote akuje nimpee likes 500 .

its a really nice movie na kwa wenye wanjichocha ni mambo biad watch it its aaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh phuck this chieth .


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Hiya ya UG a colleague of mine almost fell victim. S. hit is real. Though the narration he gave was funny as f.uck.


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also look for the movie IT. with some clown. iko tu sawa. zima taa nauwatch na madam (or in @uwesmakes case, husband)
huyu fala anaweka spoiler hapa alafu anasema tuiwatch. :confused: