Read the Bible with the Ngima's


Jeremiah 51:20 Babylon was once Jehovah's battle axe, whom he used to pound nations and people to oblivion, like Thor's hammer that he pounds his enemies with. But Babylon became haughty with this status and built themselves gods and idols Marduk.
Remember remember Jehovah Himself says he is a jealous and vengeful and He shares His glory with no one.
Babylon challenged Jehovah almighty by being cruel to his chosen, Israel and Judah thus Jehovah turning His face away from them.
And it became a historical and monumental fact that Babylon fell catastrophically in 539BC.

When we get over the romanticism of a Jehovah who is all candy dolling out to who He really is in His Sovereignty that the same Jehovah who raises and blesses is still the same Jehovah who destroys and seeks vengeance.

Nahum 1:2 (ASV) Jehovah is a jealous God and avengeth; Jehovah avengeth and is full of wrath; Jehovah taketh vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth [wrath] for his enemies.

Peace and Blessed Sunday