Real Househelps of Kawangware.. Dj Shiti


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This show airs every wednesday at 7:30 pm on KTN including tonight. For those who watch it you must back me up that its the hottest comedy show currently with the king of the show Dj shiti mwenyewe. Ata the likes of erick omondi and co kando, this guy will not only crack your ribs byt break em. Ive watched clips of him on youtube and he never dissapoints. Catch him also tonight.. Who else watches this kenyan comedy ???

Dj shiti


Miss Finest Wine

Thank you. I used to watch it zamo on youtube when Njugush was on it with kina Truphena. Njugush is funny as fe*rk. I thought it stopped airing so will pick it up again.


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Ha! shaka! Kumbe I'm not the only one who watches real househelps! Where can I watch Auntie Boss? They only have a few episodes on YouTube.