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There is no such thing as racism, sexism, homosexyality, religion or anything like that.

All are social constructs created by individuals for the purposes of gain, nothing more.

We are all the same, we are all self seeking and self glorified, whether in public or to self.

According to you, you are the greatest life form to have ever existed, I feel the same way, as does every other living being.

The inability to understand this fact, causes much depression in this world.


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This cannot be accepted by the @gashwin -led brigade primarily because it goes against their social constructs. If admin had provided a dislike button on this forum, @spear and the likes of @Nattydread who are part of that brigade, would have repeatedly raped the button.


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we're not all the same. that part is a damn lie.
now that you've lied one part, can the rest be trusted? i don't think so.

Tom Bayeye

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Its all human constitution in regards to combining several separate elements of personality, physical and psychological characteristics that may include pathological influences.being g** or religious is a person's sense of identity ,not a choice but environmental influence,seeking recognition.It's all made up my fren.
i will digress on the team B aspect though............

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