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Disorder. That is why you have to put a lot of effort to put tjhings in order.

Reminds me of this saying: Left to them selves, things tend to get from bad to worse. When you intervene, they get to the worst.


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What do you mean "more natural"? If it occurs in the universe, whether or not it is deliberately created or altered, it IS natural. What else could it be? Heavenly? Hellish?


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The universe thrives on balance. That is why every energy tries to achieve its lowest state where neither too much is lost or too much gained. For example, any star that has too much mass and will either explode or collapse in on itself. The ideal shape for an object in the universe is spherical where it can push out just enough and pull in (gravity) just enough but not fall in on itself.
Electrons dont zip around the core of an atom in neat ellipses like we drew in chem class, they position and speed are impossible to determine with any absolute certainty and yet, we need them in exact proportions to make up the various elements that exist in the cosmos.
So to anwer your question, both disorder and order natural and necessary occurences.


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Entropy is unpredictable and undefined...the relative decay of an atom is not defined by anyone...its just natural...but that process in itself defines time as we know it.
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