Reality slowly sinks in.


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For many months they've called him a clueless, pretentious dumbass... but after doing the math now they see the pure genius behind it.
I think there is more to the trade war than we are being told. America is a democracy and any policy that hurts citizens directly will lead to disapproval among the American public. Therefore, Chinese increasing tarrifs on American agricultural produce will hurt American farmers who in turn will blame Trump. However, history says slot about how Americans can be cunning. I think America aims to weaken the communist party of China. Through out history America has always won by destabilising Governments. You see the Communist party of China asserts great power over its citizens by having tight control of the population. In China each and every aspect of the population is closely monitored by the state hence rebellions are dealt with before they become too big to handle. This is what ensures the Communist party has a tight grip of power. Anything that threatens such hold of the power is eliminated hence there exist no political opposition in China. America this and could use the trade war to destabilise the government bringing down the entire Political structure of China. It may not be simple but they have done it several times on countries such as Iranq and can do it again


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unlike US, China does not hold elections and their leaders answer to no one. they can wait this out for the next 100 years if that is what it takes. trump amecheza na wajinga
And that is their Big Picture in the game. They are betting on Trump losing 2020.

If that fails then they might soften their stance. If Trump goes home next election, Beijing will loosen many economic concessions and become very friendly to the new regime and trade will flow better. I am betting with them drumpf is going home. :D

Mzee mzima

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Fantasy yako ni tumama. You are one sick puppy.

Na si uende coast uteke kamzungu kamama hivi ujitoe kwa poverty.

From your posts clearly uko na financial problems. Jitoe kwa shida kijana mdogo.
Tomba nyanyako na io mdomo yako upeleke huko >>>>>> kwa mashoga wenzako


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Tomba nyanyako na io mdomo yako upeleke huko >>>>>> kwa mashoga wenzako
Matusi soft buda kama matiti. Matusi soft... kwani hukuenda boarding school ujifunze hii mambo?

Halafu hizo matusi zako hazina coordination. Yaani hazina uzito, haziguzi roho. Ni kama mnyambo. Halafu umerudia the same matusi tangu jana... Kwani hujui matusi zingine? Hujui war of words?

Nothing new. Nothing original or impressive. ..

Learn to plan your insults. Write them down. Read them out loud. Try them on a friend. Be interesting, take your time. Don't rush.

Be creative. Halafu ujue timing bana. Timing ni muhimu.


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@Mzee mzima mtu hutumia ile data iko karibu.

For instance if you are insulting a kiwete you don't insult his mother or his wife or his dog ... you go for his legless thigh!! Hapo ndio uchungu iko.

Kama saa hii niliona ukiitisha wimbo ya gospel mahali nikajua baaas, mbwa hii nimekupata...

Lakini wewe hapo unashinda na tumatha. Unadhani ati hio ni hardcore.... wapi. :D:D

Hio upus jaribu na mtu kama randy. Mtu short fuse.

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