Recycled. .But still funny

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Typical Kikuyu Mother...
Child: Mami eh!! (Mum) .....
Mother:Yuuu (Yes)
Child: Nihutire (I am hungry)
Mother: ( still digging)Eka atiriri (while still digging... Do this e?)
Child: Eee (Yes )
Mother: Mai mau mari hau ja na kirai e
( that water outside in basin,)
Child: ee (Yes)
Mother: Woe thafuni hau bafu
withambemoko ee ((Take soap from
bathroom and wash hands e?)
Child: ee (yes)
Mother: Uke undie!!!!!!! (Come eat me!!!!)


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Lol. Or kitambo when mum is going to her mutigathi mugunda kurima(don't go to weed). But that sentence meant deadly repercussions if she came back to find no weeding took place.
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