Redsan arrested over terrorism allegations

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Senior Villager
dance-hall singer, Redsan, spent
more than 30 hours in a cell after
he was arrested on suspicions of
being a terrorist.
Apparently, he was accompanied by
three other guys as he headed to
the ongoing Nairobi Show where
he was one of the main performers.
According to sources, one of the
guys in his entourage had a gun
but when police told them to get
out and be checked like others,
they refused and drove off towards
Uhuru Highway.
But the police manning the show
were quick to alert the Anti-terror
unit team that arrested them
along Uhuru High-way.
They were later taken to Kilimani
police station where they were
held for more than 30 hours
before being released.
Here's what popular blogger Robert
Alai had to say on the
incidence;Redsan was getting into
the show ground to perform. He
was with three other guys in his
car. One was carrying a gun.
Police asked them to get out and be
checked like all others. They
refused and drove off. Police alerted
their colleagues from the Anti-
Terror Unit which gave chase and
found them along Uhuru highway.
They were arrested and booked at
Kilimani police station.
This is what I call EXTREME
UJINGA. If a policeman ask you to
identify yourself, please do. You can
be killed out of your own stupidity.
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