Reggae People...Drop Leaf Riddim..Maxi Priest....Hurry Up And Come Back....

Dimz Fala

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If you are amongst the list of wananchi who had a generally unproductive day for this wonderful Monday, and just scarcely managed to make a Technical Appearance at work...reeling from the Jaeger Bombz ...hebu tuinue mikono and let us be honest wananchi.... :)
Entertain yourself
OK tutoe guitar tuimbe kabla ya watu kususuu na kulala...

Drop Leaf Riddim Mazi Priest et al

Love of Da Dancehall: Triniti.. Elephant, Cobra Khan, Beenie etc etc.....
Beenie killed it lol....then
Ding Dong/Bambi-Bad Gal...rhyme on the song "Pull Up" male and female fun stuff...

There was one of those riddims no idea where I got it but can't find the correct 8:40 long version of Smooth Wind Riddim? ...That was the best one I ever heard!!!!

Smooth Wind Riddim :
It will probably take somebody who follows that stuff closely close these are DJ mixes.... It has the following maybe n few others combined.._
It got(Richie Spice-Diana, Capleton -Agressor - Brown Skin, Sleep , Junior Kelly -Last night)

OK wananchi...if you are loggin g off and did absolutely nothing today..mikono tena??.....time to log off susu and go home.....