Reliable Residential Internet (Not Zuku)

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Nyayo Estate hapo si uchukue Safaricom Vuma? Ama they just supply to Nyayo and not the environs?
Btw gatoero, kuna vile waeza supply zuku Internet the way guys did with dstv ama ni illegal? . I mean request cable for my house then niconnectie majirani at a monthly fee?


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Kuna provider wangu who buys from liquid telcom for resale. Speeds ako na poa depending na mfuko yako basic package 1mbps is ksh 1500 per month though initial costs ni high
Nano station 6k
Router 3k
Installation 2k
Wire is sh 35 per meter
He claims to serve a radius of 8kms
I have been using his service and cant complain plus he offers one week trial
I stay not like 2km from your loc
If interested niambie ni kuinbox contacts zake


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I prefer run cables ndio niendee pesa kama landlord. But why should they disconnect while you are just improving their market target?
Mwambie anunue router yake then connect from router yako to yake using ethernet cables. Asipolipa unadisconnect tu from yake.. I have a couple of friends who stay in the same hood n do that
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