Reliable Residential Internet (Not Zuku)

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These providers wako na maringo sana....u call them thinking since u r a few metres from their reach ati watakuekea bt tell u bluntly hauko kwa coverage yao. Someone should remind them ata Kencell lines used to sell for 2000 we are being persuaded to own one for as little as 20bob. Lesson is...with time and competition watakua wanazunguka mpaka ghetto with..."tunaconnect internet bure" phrases. Saitan!:D


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Kuna provider wangu who buys from liquid telcom for resale. Speeds ako na poa depending na mfuko yako basic package 1mbps is ksh 1500 per month though initial costs ni high
Nano station 6k
Router 3k
Installation 2k
Wire is sh 35 per meter
He claims to serve a radius of 8kms
I have been using his service and cant complain plus he offers one week trial
I stay not like 2km from your loc
If interested niambie ni kuinbox contacts zake
Boss am interested ukinitupia contact zake.
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