Reliable Residential Internet (Not Zuku)

Discussion in 'FTA and IPTV' started by shadow-walker, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. kiki

    kiki Village Elder

    10mbps at 2k. Not my ISP but an affiliate.
  2. Tronjan

    Tronjan Villager

    These providers wako na maringo sana....u call them thinking since u r a few metres from their reach ati watakuekea bt tell u bluntly hauko kwa coverage yao. Someone should remind them ata Kencell lines used to sell for 2000 we are being persuaded to own one for as little as 20bob. Lesson is...with time and competition watakua wanazunguka mpaka ghetto with..."tunaconnect internet bure" phrases. Saitan!:D
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  3. kiki

    kiki Village Elder

    Hehe. Napeana bure plus equipment, but only to business. On top of that, 1-2 months trial. The hardest part is not getting new clients, it's maintaining them.
  4. Lewis

    Lewis Senior Villager

    I hear safaricom offers FTTH(Fiber To The Home). You can contact them for more info.
  5. Hi3hland3r

    Hi3hland3r Village Elder

    Boss am interested ukinitupia contact zake.